Ways Surrey Photo Booth Hire Can Brighten Up Your Event

Surrey photo booth hireThere is only so much a photographer can do at your event, be it your wedding ceremony, corporate event, Bar Mitzvah or send-off party. Surrey photo booth hire for instance can really add fun and entertainment at your event, even beyond your expectations.

While many might see photo booths as an alternative to a traditional professional photographer, it is not rightly so. True, both do basically the same jobs of snapping photographs. But a photo booth adds more life and fun to any event.

So, why should you hire a photo booth? In what ways does it prove advantageous to you or your guests?

#1.Take a moment and step out of your own needs.

You hire a professional photographer, for instance, on your wedding day, to preserve the memories and get you awesome pictures. Those pictures are for you. They’ll be in an album, which will also belong to you.  But what about your guests? What do they take home memory-wise?

That is where a photo booth comes in. By hiring a photo booth, you show your guest that you have them in mind and you intend to give them the best experience. Don’t be surprised seeing people trooping towards the photo booth.

In fact, many photographers will be thrilled to see a photo booth at the event. For instance, Jo of Captive Photography is an accomplished childhood, wedding and commercial photographer in Surrey, and she runs her own Surrey Photo booth hire, the LUXESTAR Photo Booth. She knows too well that pictures at events can never be overrated or overemphasized.

Having photo booths at your event is like being in Disney Land. There are plenty of options of fun things to do and everyone can let himself wild. And if your program at any point gets boring, guests can delight themselves with the photo booth.

#2.Photographers cannot provide props, and even if they did, it won’t be the way you want them.

With photo booths, your guests get high quality bespoke pictures, meant for them. What other way to say “thank you for coming”? A scroll through http://www.captivephoto.co.uk/surrey-photo-booth-hire, a Surrey photo booth hire, will tell you everything you need to know. Look at the photo booth pictures of the guests in those pictures and say if you would not want that kind of excitement at your event. Viking helmets, goofy glasses, smoke pipes, hats, masks and a whole lot more props that can be provide at the event.

That is not all. You can customize the photographs and even the booths themselves to reflect the theme of your event. That way, you also get some advertisement done when the pictures are shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with your company logo or business brand somewhere in the corner. How awesome is that! Endless creativity!

#3. …and the technology keeps getting better.

Ever thought of photo booths connecting to your guest’s social media pages? Sending pictures in real-time to their feeds?

Photo booths have gone digital. The LUXESTAR Photo Booth for instance, besides being able to print your photos also provides a digital gallery of all your photographs. What’s more? Your guests can download those pictures for free, send them to their drop box accounts or utilize them on social media.