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3 Tips for Picking Music for Your Hertfordshire Wedding

wedding photographer hertfordshireWith all the stress that happens from planning a wedding, making sure the wedding photographer Hertfordshire arrives on time, making sure that the right plate setting is available, something like the music should be easy. For some couples, selecting the music is just as difficult as selecting the colour of the bride’s bouquet. To help alleviate the stress, the following are tips to consider as the big day dawns:

Hint #1: Why Stress when you can easily pick the music that you LOVE!

Weddings are a union of two souls. The fact that these two individuals made the conscious decision to commit themselves to one another means that they have some thing binding them. For some couples, it can be that their love for certain things such as music connected them together and created a strong bond.

Therefore, when deciding on the wedding music, it is important that both the bride and groom decide upon music that they both love listening to. This prevents the choice of wedding songs from being a one sided affair. It may also happen that the couple has a song which they refer to as “their song” and this can be used to introduce their first dance.

Selecting the music that is loved by both the bride and groom allows for them to enjoy the music while dancing. This eventually makes for beautiful moments that can be captured by the wedding photographer Hertfordshire.

Hint #2: Forget about “being cliche” and just do you

Because of the fear of being cliché or their wedding being considered ordinary and similar to several others, most couples give themselves headaches when selecting the music. In weddings, frequent pieces played range from The Wedding March by Wagner or Mendelssohn. Canon (D Major) and Ave Maria. These songs are the classics and go hand in hand with most weddings. The reason why these sounds are a frequent part of weddings is because they actually work.

Do not let the fear of looking ordinary affect your selection of songs. At the end of the day, it is your wedding and this means what you enjoy should be reflected in the pieces of music chosen by you. If you choose music based on the fear of being cliché, you may end up regretting that decision and you do not want to remember starting your marriage life with a frown of your face due to poor choice of music ( especially if you have a wedding photographer Hertfordshire) capturing the moments.

Hint #3: Reach out for a helping hand

The truth about weddings is that you will not be the first person planning one. Therefore, if you find yourself stuck at a certain point mayhaps making a decision between two music scores, then this is where you need to ask for help. The insight or opinion provided by someone neutral maybe what you need to make a decision.

Final notes:

As you make a decision on the type of sounds you want played at your wedding, do not forget to hire this wedding photographer Hertfordshire to capture the moments created by the music.