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Choosing the San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Choose Wisely

San Francisco wedding photographerSometimes the idea of planning a wedding overwhelms a couple and in a bid to make their big day a memorable experience, they end up making irreversible mistakes.

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Let me share with you the story of this unfortunate bride whose hasty decisions cost her not just financial loss but a great wedding.

Carina was so overwhelmed with the excitement of getting married. So against her parents’ advice that she should contract an event planner to coordinate her big day for her, she decided to do it herself. Her reason was that she was a grown woman who knew perfectly what she wanted for her big day and also that her fiancé trusted her to make the right decisions concerning the wedding ceremony. She hired a caterer, a cake designer, event decorator, disc jockey, master of ceremony and a San Francisco wedding photographer.

Interesting! But how then did she lose?

All the vendors she contracted for the wedding actually did a good job but not the San Francisco wedding photographer. She paid him the advanced fee for the job and waited for her big day to have him complete the job he was contracted for. It turned out soon after that after few hours of trying to get across to the San Francisco wedding photographer proved abortive, they had to settle for an inexperienced photographer around the wedding venue as other wedding photographers that could have been contracted had different jobs on Carina’s big day. The wedding photographs came out poorly because of Carina’s mistake.

What was the mistake?

While planning the wedding, Carina searched the web for a San Francisco wedding photographer and definitely so many options came out on her search but she didn’t take precaution while selecting a wedding photographer, she fell for one of the bad scammers who wreak havoc to unsuspecting innocent people who fall for their scam by disguising to be what they are not. She didn’t inquire about his place of work, or his address for ease of access peradventure she could not get in contact with him and sadly she paid him for a job he didn’t do.

Does it mean we shouldn’t contract with people on the internet?

Far from it, there are so many good vendors and professionals who are genuine with their services on the web today but among the millions of people who offer different services or products, there are those whose aim is to scam people and take advantage of their desperation.

So what should we do?

Before you contract with anyone on the internet, do a background check of them, insist on seeing proof of evidence that they are actually certified by the relevant laws backing various professions to carry out the services they propose to offer. For a wedding, you should meet with all those working for you personally before that big day and in a situation where you have to pay an advanced fee before getting the service you want, it should be in writing should in case there is a default, you can take legal action and such default will amount to a breach of contract.