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The Art of Photography SEO

What a photographer should have is the ability to show beautiful, quality pictures. But, none of the pictures would matter if no one sees them. How are you supposed to sell your skills in those photos?

Just like how writers need to market their words, photographers should market their pictures… in words. Understand the art of photography SEO here today and you will be able to increase traffic to your website.

But, first and foremost, what is SEO? All I know is that it makes me rank in Google so more people will click the link to my page.

  • You gotta understand Google, the only platform that benefits everyone in the world simply by searching. The only way Google thrive is to deliver the answer to the questions people have. It has to be able to response to everything except to the question where you left your key. So the conclusion is: quality. You need to have what people are searching, the kind of photos or photographer they are looking for.
  • You have to be first indexed, meaning that your domain is already stored inside the database to be able to show up on the search lists.
  • After you are indexed, only then you can be ranked.
  • Now, understand how photography SEO (www.photoproseo.com) works. Decide on your keyword. Compare your site to the others; are they performing better? Is your site cluttered with random pictures and words here and there or is it user-friendly? Imagine yourself searching for yourself, what will you be typing in the search engine and what kind of website do you want to see?

Now, onto optimizing your sites, pictures, social medias, most of the things you could think of:

  • Compress the size of your picture to make it load faster when shown on google images. Do not put IMG041238.jpg as the name file, but rename it into something that people search for on search engines.
  • Alt text, or texts that you see when pictures fail to load, should be as short and concise as possible about the photo.
  • Titles and captions are good… if your site actually shows .it; make sure that your blog theme, or your domain site supports and shows captions and titles.
  • Don’t put 100 or 200 pictures in a single album; separate them into something easier to navigate based on, I don’t know, place, style, colors… you’re the expert.
  • Photography SEO, Photography SEO… that’s not how you fit keywords into your site. This will only worsen your site image.
  • Meta descriptions are short descriptions of around 160 words that show up in google under the page title. You know, those that we read when we are too lazy to actually open each pages and read through the whole content. Copy something from your profile here…
  • …and also to your social media profiles.
  • Let reviews ravage your pictures.
  • Directories… Well, there have been debates among SEO experts that they are harmless to completely useless. They won’t hurt, though.

And last but not least…

DO NOT GOOGLE YOURSELF. We all know what you are thinking and so does google. Multiple search resulted from the same device on the same IP address can be detected and it will do very little in increasing your rank.