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5 Important Tips for a Beginner in Newborn Photography

newborn photographerWe know how challenging it can be when you have to take pictures of babies only and on top of that, they cannot listen to you! There are also certain different things in preparing the set and how you should prepare your clients. So, here are 5 things that you need to prepare to become a professional newborn photographer.

1. Learn baby care

In newborn photography, you need to always be reminded that you have to handle babies and clients who care about their babies. Newborn babies are especially sensitive, so you have to be extremely careful with handling them. If you don’t, your client won’t be able to walk out of your studio without spreading the words of what happened.

You have to watch out things like the props that you use, the equipment you use, the amount of light and even how you pose the baby.

2. Prepare the set

You need to be able to make sure that the set is properly cleaned for the newborn baby. It will also depend on how the client wishes the place looks like. You also need to remember that before the newborn photography starts, you need to warm up the place. Newborn babies will be mostly naked for easier posing. That’s why you need to set the room at a warmer temperature than what you are comfortable in.

You also need to make sure that the blankets and backdrop are properly arranged. It will be easier if you had planned what you want to do beforehand and ensure a flow of the day instead of taking the pictures without planning.

3. Get inspiration

As a beginner newborn photographer, you need to get inspiration from the latest newborn pictures. We suggest that you look at www.kingshillstudios.co.uk for some of the best newborn pictures ever taken. It’s important that you don’t stop finding new ideas and poses for your newborn photography.

No client will like it if you simply do the same thing that you did with previous sessions. They will want to ask for more portfolios and that won’t end well. Sure, it may mean that you need to buy new props for the session, but it’s worth it and people will also deem you as a professional worthy of the price you set.

4. Calm babies down

Some babies are pretty loud and simply cannot settle for the session to go on. There are several tricks you can use to ensure the baby can sleep throughout the session. The first is to have the mother feed the baby before the session starts. This will keep the baby full and sleepy. Play white noise for the baby to prevent it from getting surprised. Keep the props warm by putting in front of a heater or slipping in hot sacks or rice or water.

5. Enjoy the job!

You won’t be able to last long if you cannot enjoy what you do. The most important thing is to have fun and not be stressed out by the job. It could be a challenge trying to satisfy by giving the clients what they want, but if you love the job, you won’t feel as pressured as a newborn photographer.