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Editing Wedding Photos

It’s so much more than filters.

gay wedding photographerInstagram isn’t the only place for filters, and certainly wedding photos aren’t always plain. Adding filters to pictures give it a sense of creativity, making it look like more than just a plain photo caught in a moment of time. Why do people like filters? It’s because they can enhance photos, especially when you’re working with a theme in your wedding. Or maybe because sometimes the sun just doesn’t look the right kind of yellow; that could be the reason for filters. For whatever reason, filters exist for wedding photos. However, filters can only go so far. As a gay wedding photographer, you should have this at the back of your mind all the time.

Go classic.

Yes, anyone can see that we are in the age of modern technology and the pictures we take don’t look the same as the pictures from generations before. However, if someone would want to do it with some sort of old-fashioned twist, they could always make their wedding photos look almost like an antique, but with a closer look you’ll see modern clothes. Maybe keep it in a treasure chest or a tiny box instead of an album to make it look like it was from long lost ancestors. Or maybe the photos could look black and white, if you’re just not a fan of too much colour. They say that old-fashioned photos give a more romantic vibe and make it even cooler when you check the photos years later. Probably why some people would prefer them over plain photos without any filters applied at all. With the old-fashioned type filter, you could have vintage-looking photos but with better quality.

Touchups are important.

Aside from just applying filters, wedding photos require editing. One adjustment would be brightness. Adjusting the brightness makes the complexion look fairer and of course the entire photo look brighter than it already is. This is usually applied when the photo looks a little too dull even with a camera flash or even if the photo was taken in broad daylight. This adjustment also makes the other parts of the photo visible, so other elements to adjust can be seen right away. Thus, allowing more editing to take place to make a perfect wedding photo.

Special effects.

Special effects emphasize the expression within the photos taken. Wedding photos tend to tell a story about the bride and groom. Usually, you would come across a couple of photos that were taken well, but are just far too plain to express emotions. Maybe make the shadows a little more dim, or reflections on water more visible, even the tiniest details could boost the quality of just an ordinary wedding photo. If you want a more bizarre type of photo, you can easily make photos look unnatural, but still very intriguing and interesting as a wedding picture. But of course, going overboard with special effects in a picture would make it look less like a wedding photo and more of just an entry for an editing contest.

Make the photos look natural.

Lastly, if ever there is a request to edit a photo, but still to keep it looking natural, don’t make the edits too obvious. Keep the edits subtle or if they are too noticeable, it would be better off to leave a detail unedited rather than having an eye-catching adjustment ruin the picture. Any gay wedding photographer worth his salt should know how to touch up the wedding photos he produces.