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What Entails an Inappropriate Photographer?

wedding photographers DorsetInappropriate photographers are the type of people that couples wish they had never invited to their party. Being inappropriate is someone’s party is the first thing you can do to make them hate you. But if you want to become a professional photographer, you will want to read on and avoid doing these things.

These are taken from observation of professional wedding photographers Dorset as well as their suggestions.


The clothes that you wear to the party plays a big part here. You need to make sure that you are wearing things your client won’t feel embarrassed about. To make it easy, just imagine if you’re attending the wedding of one of your colleagues. You don’t need to appear flashy, but you also want to wear formal suits or dresses to fit the theme and dress code.

Never wear too casual no matter the excuse. You won’t just be showing your client, but also other guests and the wedding organizer that you never pay proper attention of showing yourself as a professional.

Do all you want

It’s a good thing for a photographer to tries his best to capture those pictures. Not everyone will stay in uncomfortable position or walk all day long just to get some pictures. But do you pay attention to the place you’re working at?

Look at the pictures taken by some wedding photographers Dorset, such as www.martinbell-photography.co.uk. Taking posed pictures of your clients is usually done at places where there aren’t a lot of people looking. It’s the time to get all those great pictures and do your very best. You may even be lying on the floor, squatting so low and using all kinds of techniques just to get the pictures from the right angle.

But inside the hall, are you still doing the same thing? Note that in this room, everyone’s looking at the couple and it takes only a few seconds of weird position to steal their attentions. Your clients won’t particularly be impressed by this.

Spreading name cards everywhere

Remember to always ask for your client’s permission to do this. Some want their wedding to be truly free of such things and they will get really upset if they see a lot of name cards around the venue. If you want to use the chance to promote yourself, make use of the rehearsal session if you’re invited to one. Give out your name card only when asked, not spread them around like flyers.

You can also put them on the front door’s table and let anyone that are interested to take one themselves. It’s best to show your client that you’re seriously working on his job rather than seen closing other guests. It’s not a good thing for potential clients either.

Give orders

Never tell people what they should do as if you’re the most important person. Yes, those people rely on your insight and skills to tell them what to do and how to stand but make it as friendly as possible. Direct them patiently, no matter how hot the weather is and annoying the guests are. It’s part of wedding photographers Dorset job.