Essential Tips For Every Edinburgh Wedding Photographer

Organize well

edinburgh wedding photographerOrganize your tasks and your itinerary of shots that you need to take as an Edinburgh wedding photographer in a nifty little check list that you can physically bring along with you during a wedding photo shoot. When you have everything cleverly listed down on a list that you can keep on you and with you all of the time, it can be pretty hard to miss out on anything. As a professional who is allowed to charge premiums for your services, you need to make sure that you will never end up skipping a beat no matter what happens because the smallest lapses can easily blow up enough for your clients to be upset with you or to be disappointed with you by the time that they get the final photos from you.

This can potentially harm your relationship with your clients and more than that, this is something that can seriously get in the way of you getting things done in the right and in the most complete way possible. Tick things off as you progress further down the list and check it out every once in a while. It always works best if the list is in a chronological order.

Set up your backups.

This is so you are prepared for anything that circumstance can possible throw at you as an Edinburgh wedding photographer. Your backups are gold and they are something that you should always set in place whenever you are about to shoot a wedding. The first line of backup is the dual card slot setting in your camera. You can actually write on two memory cards at the same time. That way, in case the first one comes across any formatting issues, you are guaranteed to have another one to save the day. Once you are done shooting the wedding, make sure that you copy those files on two different external hard drives. If you have both home and commercial offices, make sure that you store one in each location. Should something happen to one of the physical hard drives, there should be another one safely somewhere else that you will be able to pull up. And lastly, make it a point to always check things out on the cloud. Upload your files on sites such as Google Drive and Dropbox so that you can always have access to your files anywhere you may go.

Try to minimize your presence as much as possible so that you can go ahead.

Take your shots in peace. The less people notice you, the more effective you can turn out to be in the weddings that you shoot. Blend in with the crowd. Move fast and carry only light gear around with you all the time so that nothing impedes your movement. Only use flash photography if you absolutely have to. These are little things but they help out a lot in making sure that you don’t attract too much attention to yourself when it all comes down to it.