Do You Want to Be a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

documentary wedding photographerEvery wedding photographer has his own style and maybe you are one of those who aspires to become a professional in documentary wedding photography. And on top of that, you want to be a skilled photographer who is known to be professional in that particular style.

What is a documentary?

What does it mean to take pictures in a documentary style? As the word says, it means that you are documenting a certain event in history. The job of a documenter is to make sure that everything important in that event is recorded. Nothing should be amiss so that people can look back and be sure that this is everything that had happened that day.

A wedding photographer has to capture everything in a wedding the way you would’ve wanted yours too. That means that you want exceptionally more pictures during the ceremony when you are saying the vow and during the evening first dance. But you also want pictures to fill in the time when you are just enjoying the day and hanging out with your guests.

A documentary is often shown in a black and white mode, but this should not limit your imagination and creativity. A grayscale effect gives it a timeless feel, but it’s not something that should be applied to 80% of the pictures in your wedding album. The best documentary is the one that captures everything including the colors!

Your clients chose the colors for the interior design delicately and they just appear as different shades of grey in the pictures. Such a shame!

Learn from the pro!

We really suggest that you learn from professionals in documentary wedding photography from You need to develop your own style, but there is a reason why the documentary is a specific style that is recognized in general.

As you observe, notice how a professional doesn’t let the usual notion of being candid and editing pictures into different shades of grey sway him. A picture should look good and convey the message you want without being limited to the choices that the mainstream photographers use.

Get to know your clients

You also need to know the people that you are working with. You are about to create a documentary with these people that you have never met. As you take pictures of them throughout the day, the more you know about the personalities and the people you are working with, the easier it is to look through the lens as if you are them.

A good documentary wedding photography service is the one where the photographer finds out more about the clients before doing anything. He might be a good photographer, but it will be in vain if he fails to know his clients’ feelings and emotions about the whole thing. A documentary at a wedding isn’t just about taking pictures of what happened.

A wedding photographer is responsible to also capture the emotions of the day, conveying the happiness of that day through his pictures that the family will enjoy later on. The pictures that the couple can relate to even 20 or 30 years from now.