Amateur Photographers Versus Professional Wedding Photography

London wedding photographerThere are two different types of photographers and they are:

  • The photographer that takes multiple random shots of activities with the hopes of having a lucky beautiful picture for his Mallorca wedding photography examples. Individuals like this often form part of the wedding guests and are tagged as amateur photographers.
  • The photographer that takes his time to get the right frame for a shot before capturing the splendid picture to be a part of his portfolio of wedding photography examples. This is a trait displayed by a professional London wedding photographer.

In this era of pint and click cameras which has made the process of wedding photography a whole lot trickier, making a decision as to which type to hire has never proved more crucial to having memorable wedding photographs. This situation also makes capturing the candid photographs of guests difficult as you find the guests themselves hiding behind their own cameras or going through pictures they took. With everyone trying to get their own classic shot for the wedding, it may become difficult to even pinpoint who the actual contracted photographer is.

This brings about the question of whether too many cooks actually spoil the broth in relation to wedding photography.

This situation actually goes both ways as you find that the more pictures are taken, the higher the chances of getting beautiful images from different point of views and angles. It might be great to get different photographs taken by friends and family as well as those taken professionally by your wedding photographer. Some couples completely do away with the professional photographer and rely on the amateur talents of their friends with the hopes of saving on hiring a professional. This should not be the case as in reality, there are three areas you ought to focus your wedding budget on:

  • The wedding venue: you want a beautiful backdrop that leaves a lasting impression on your guests and provides the perfect setting for having your dream wedding.
  • The wedding dress: the wedding couple deserve to look stunning on this momentous occasion as you cannot afford to look mediocre compared to your wedding venue and your guests.
  • The wedding photography: you are bound to come across wedding photography examples like those at that showcase exquisite images that capture the joy of the wedding day. Of what use is having the best wedding venue and a brilliant wedding dress when your pictures are not going to showcase this?

The number of amateur photographers you have taking your wedding pictures does not make up for the lack of expertise and skill a professional wedding photographer would have brought to the event. Most wedding photographs require the standard portrait shot of the wedding couple and the photographer dictates the proceedings of things. If you lack a professional wedding photographer, how do you intend to get this type of shot done? Always bear it in mind that your wedding photographs should not be treated lightly but with care as you do not want it to be a point of regret in future.